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Ikemen Renaissance イケメン ルネッサンス 

What will be the next driving power for Japan's economy recovery?
Answer is "Shrill voice of women".I'm not talking about the feminist movement,actually what's happening in Japan is women are chasing Korean & Chinese heartthrobs who are the movie,TV stars and idles.Also I'm not talking about teen age girls,but talking about the middle aged women who are career woman, have family,kids,grand kids.I also confess I became the one of "shrill voice"recently.
In Japan, still Men dominate business world can't find the exist from conforming really depressed mode with a favor of melancholy.On the contrary,Japanese woman take advantage of their strength like "Hard working","Earnest","Curiosity""Persistence" and "Pursuit of ideal" to pursuit "Ikemen" (heartthrob) to neighborhood country like Korea,Taiwan and China.
Contemporary version of Japanese wife's hallmark "Support of one's faithful helpmate" make full use of promoting not well-known foreign talents as the grassroots movements to the entertainment market in Japan.
I myself really hocked with the virtual communication with the other Japanese women whom I don't know as the person and share the information ,exchange opinions, ideas & critics about Ikemen's movies and gather the ideas to promote the new talents through the blog sites which were created by various Ikemen's funs and in spite of attack of the virus and unknown languages,eager to get into the Chinese ,Korean entertainment websites and translate update information in Japanese and share with other funs.

As the matter of fact,this grassroots Ikemen Renaissance had a proved evidence to influence on culture exchanges, diplomacy and vitalize economy between Japan and Korea radically in short period of times.(If you know the long dark history betweens twos ,it's really radical)and now it's expanding their horizon to Taiwan and China with quantum speed by not only watching Korean,Chinese medias,also studying languages, cultures and traveling,even moving there in the name of love.
Most fascinating fact would be the influence to the future generations.Kids who grow up by listening and familiar with Korean or Chinese songs,movies and TV dramas in the living room can become bilingual more easily ,also their mothers have big influence to build their values because mothers dedicate their times spend most of their times for kids and parenting responsibility is entirely on mother's shoulders in Japan.

"Ikemen"(Japanese):Nice looking guy,heartthrob

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  1. 日経のタブロイド版で前に読んだけど、ミドルHANAKOエイジが何と言っても、お金と時間と体力があり、好奇心旺盛で元気がいい。この世代の肩に経済効果がかかっているらしいよ。「おばさんバンザイ」ちゅうことだね。

  2. 私はピーター一筋です。ですが米人に日本での現象を説明するには、ちょっとジャーナリスティックな客観的な視点で紹介しなくてはと、この画像を選択、拝借させていただきました。



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