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Doctor give you umbrella in sunny days

I had to drive oneway-35miles to see the specialist in Morristown ,NJ for further investigation of my son's coughing symptom which only occur at daycare thesedays since I become part time worker????The daycare policy is if kids vomit ,he/she won't able to come back 24hours.Mommy is available for him but I can't afford missing workdays since I become part time employee. but the timing is bad since daycare is concern the influenza,same time his pediatrician diagnosed as the pollen cough allergy and suggest further investigation.Although his father's insurance cover the costs, I 'm assuming the costs would be really expensive since they took his chest X-ray,breath test,etc.Currently I don't have medical insurance ,(I can't afford to pay $500 monthly for cobra) also Medicare or Obama stuffs only apply for the unemployed .Over all impression I got from American medical system is that the doctor give you umbrella when you don't need it at sunny days,but when you really need it in rainy days it is really difficult to get the umbrella from the doctor.
How do you think?
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