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The challenge of soul

Be fully conscious about the excuse.
We are the creature of comfort, always find excuse ,not face the challenge.
These days I ‘m taking new business opportunity seriously and had the chance to attend the business convention last Saturday. Next day, I attend spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen’s seminar in NY.
I have been mediocre follower of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and inconsistent practitioner of evolutionary enlightenment. When you look all aspect of life (spiritual development, work, relation with people) you can tell, you are the result of your choice, action.
You are the end result who you are right now.
And it is always the case, the result (reality) is not exceed the expectation (dream).In another word, disappointing result. I always dream to become the person of walk-talk, integrity. I think what divine between dreamer & visionary is how you take your life seriously, or not.
Recently I lost the job and it has been almost a year since I was downsized and have been challenging of my self esteem(Loser!!!)and facing the gap between what I knew and potential and the living proof. I think fundamentary I blamed this result to others so that I don't need to change.
You know, I never been involved in business in my life. I have been always employee.
As a really, really beginner, what open my eyes most is fundamental, brutal fact about the business world “The result is the matter”.
And spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, Successful Business People both say same thing.
The key to success is
“Challenge of soul”
“Level of commitment”
“Never giveup”
When I look back my life, when I follow my heart, crazy, big dream, I always achieved the dream. The bigger the dream, the bigger the doubt, stronger your logical mind resist. But deep in your heart, you know you are at right place, at right time.
Year 2010
I resolve again the goal of “Winning Life”.
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