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Want to be Free?

Even I declared as the follower of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and the practitioner of Evolutionary Enlightenment in public.
If someone ask “What is Evolutionary Enlightenment?” and “What do you practice?”
How do I answer the question? I can imagine myself,stuck,mumbling…wa,wa,wa,end of the conversation:(
Cognitive development is not my expertise, I don’t know what’s orange, green(Are they fruits?),never read Ken Wilber’s book, outsider of “Integral thinkers”. Maybe I ‘m a bad spokesperson, not qualified to say myself as the follower, practitioner of his teaching.
Today I find interesting article on the link http://drishtikone.com/?q=username/blog/desh though Mick Quinn’s post on the face book.
Bellow is the excerpt from Dish’s blog ‘s post.

Acceptance is of Results and Free Will is in Action
Attachment to result and desire for results can never lead to Action. If one were to be fuelled by desire for results, as we all are, then we are only engaging in RE-action. We see something happen to us, for which we search for a cause. But our search is from a prejudiced human perspective. We have created frameworks like "Good" or "Bad" based on our traditions.

This article make me think again the spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen’s first tenet the clarity of intention ‘The foundation of spiritual life is the clarity of intention “want to be free more than anything else”.
Because do you remember ? I wrote in my previous blog post, the challenge of the soul, “the result (reality) is not exceed the expectation (dream).In another word, disappointing result.”
I want my dream, vision come to reality, more bigger perspective would be the humanity, self development and development of better world, love become reality.
But to be honest, “Want to be free “is kind of ???? .
Then I continue to read Dish’s blog
Whatever occurs to you today. You accept the moment as it was your own responsibility (which it is, consciously or unconsciously), and do what needs to be done in that moment Free of any limitation of the predictive effect of the past while worrying of the future. Do what needs to be done as per your best knowledge and ability. …..(snip)…..
If on the other hand, you do not "Accept" the results of the past, then you are attached and limited by them and their predictive effect of how your future should be fashioned by your current actions. It is a LIMITED action.. and limited will. Not Free Will.
Free will means no one.. and nothing limits your action. Not even God. You can only accept what is yours.

Kind of breath taking, moment of silent.
Isn’t he great.
He can explain Free Will “What is Evolutionary Enlightenment?” and “What do you practice?”
such a simple ,powerful way and give us great invitation!!!!
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