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What is the most fulfilling career?

I had a perfect scenario for my career transition to become a Financial Adviser.
I will use my skill and knowledge to achieve my financial success by helping people in need to identify their financial problem and provide solution in order them to achieve their financial goal with great care.
The business model, system is really superb and proven.My mentor help me clarify each beginner steps like
• What is your idea of profession?

– Professional Knowledge
– License
– Dedication
– Problem solving skill
– Integrity

I think everyone agree the above ideas and what I see the commonality in successful people in business is the conviction.
“ I would like to provide this service ,business to the people I care most, to my family, friends”

when I think about what is the most fulfilling career would be
“ I want to use my skill & knowledge to help people from suffering and awakening their full potential to co-create the future. I would like to provide this service to the people I care most."
What the profession would be "Evolutionaly Enlightenment advocate"?
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