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What is my stand with the spiritual teacher?

When I read the article “Wooing Recruits To Radical Islam Like 'Dating'” on NPR regarding the brainwash of Radical Muslim, make me think about what my stand in any organization,particulary spiritual community since I decide to say the follower of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen in public recently.
I only can tell my own experience in this organization.
I lived in his community for 4~5years before the community move to Lenox ,MA.Then I left the community and come back again after 15years later.
Back then, Embarrassing to say, I was unhappy poor performer at the bottom because I always said “No” ,choose an intention of the ego-mind,even never achieved to be his student, never get closer to the teacher.
When I check on the website of former students' voices regarding Andrew Cohen, I know most of peoples.
But I don’t know what is the truth, who is right ,what happened in the spiritual elite circles back then.
Yet I don’t want to justify embarrassing fact about my sloppiness, poor performer of spiritual development by those scandals either .
Also knowing former students, when I read their experiences with Andrew on the web, I don’t think they are telling lie either, I read their sincerity, care and concern for others.
What I can say now is the past is past, focus is what I can take responsibility, now.
What relation will I have with my spiritual teacher? What stand do I take ?That is the question.
I admit I have deep condition, tendency of conformity, who come from nation of “Kamikaze”.
Still I think what Andrew Cohen is telling make sense and I value his vision of “Evolutionary Enlightenment” the most. I need the guidance of the development of soul, free will in order to accept my intention to create the future, take responsibility for my action.
Beside we have to come together with that intention in order to create the future, another words, we can’t do alone.
I believe if one’s intention is pure, the truth always reveal and nothing limits one’s action,not even spiritual teacher.
Another words, even someone experience spiritual teacher’s abuse, it won’t stop his/her action.
I myself not have such experience. But I can imagine one really, really need guts ,courageous soul to stand alone .
And hopefully, I also the one who has the guts to live that integrity too.

PS:After reading "A Big Hearted Trust in the Life Process"By Stuart Dunber:(excerpt)
Once we have said no to a vision, we are never the same. For when we see a frontier that we have refused to cross or a truth that we have declined to embrace, the security of our life is threatened.-Bishop John Shelby Spong, This Hebrew Lord

I decide that even if I say "No" to Myself, potential, life,I will embrace myself,the reality as the way it is.

Also I strongly believe "Money & Relationship" are the parameter of the purity of intention. After continue to read former student's testimony, I have to say Andrew Cohen' intention is questionable.

Sun rise,sun set. Life goes on.
Deep gratitude.
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