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An Organization Has a Conscience

I ‘m reading the book “The score takes care of itself-My Philosophy of Leadership” by Bill Walsh(towering figure in the history of the NFL).I don’t have an interest in football. Yet, he had amazing Wisdom for the core of the matter. Bellows are excerpt from his book.


An Organization Has a Conscience
P15“This is consistent with my conviction that an organization is not just a tool like a shovel, but an organic entity that has a code of conduct, a set of applied principles that go beyond a company mission statement that’s tacked on the wall and forgotten. In fact, we had no mission statement on the wall. My mission statement was implanted in the minds of our people though teaching.
Great teams in business, in sports, or elsewhere have a conscience. At its best, an organization-your team-bespeaks values and way of doing things that emanate from a source; that source is you-the leader.Thus, the dictates of your personal beliefs should ultimately become characteristics of your team.
You must know what needs to be done and possess the capabilities and conviction to get it done. Several factors affect this, but none is more important than the dictates of your own personal beliefs.Collectively, they comprise your philosophy. A philosophy is the aggregate of your attitudes toward fundamental matters and is derived from the process of consciously thinking about critical issues and develops rational reason for holding one particular belief or position rather than another.
It is a conceptual blueprint for action; that is, a perception of what should be done, when it should be done, and why it should be done. Your philosophy is the single most important navigational point on your leadership compass."

The Top Priority Is Teaching
P23"Connection and extention.This is a fundamental ingredient of ongoing organizational achievement.
Combat soldiers talk about whom they will die for. Who is it? It’s those guys right next to them in trench, not the fight song, the flag, or some general back at the Pentagon, but those guys who sacrifice and bleed right next to them.”I couldn’t let my buddies down” is what all soldiers say.
“You can’t let your buddies down. Demand and expect sacrifice from yourself, and they’ll do the same for you.”That is the measure, in my opinion, of any great organization-that willingness to sacrifice for the team, to go extra mile, the extra five or fifty miles. And it starts with the leader and your leadership staff.
It has a transformative effect. Bonding within the organization takes place as one individual and then another steps up and raises his or her level of commitment, sacrifice, and performance. They demand and expect a lot of one another. That’s extremely important because when you know that your peers-the others in the organization-demand and expect a lot out of you and you, in turn, out of them, that’s when the sky’s the limit.
It’s why egotism can hurt group pride and unity so much."


I just want to open up the question, does an organization where you belong has a conscience?
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