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Miss Universe Japan 2010 crown goes to Maiko Itai

I love fashion, vanity and beautiful things. I have been following Miss Universe Japan on the website, particularly Miss Universe Japan’s national director Inés Ligron. Since Ligroin took over the Miss Universe Japan organization in 1998, Japanese pageantry has been experiencing resurgence and Japanese beauties are once again getting a well-deserved recognition. Under Ligroin’s helm, Japanese representatives to the Miss Universe pageant could be just as bold, beautiful and sexy as their Latin or American counterparts. Monolingual sedentary Japanese queens are things of the past; now, they speak at least two languages, pose many hours for fashion shoots, and travel the world promoting their sponsors. She is a great promoter in commercial sense, also brought new vision of confident Japanese Beauty whom young Japanese women find a mirror for their best self in. I enjoy her blog because she analyzes Japanese Beauty from western perspective and has her intuitive creativity how to promote them in international market. She tell about herself “My special talent is to be able to see beauty through people at first sight. People would walk next to someone very unique without noticing her or him, but I have the eye to see right away the potential beauty in a person, and most importantly I know how to develop someone's best attribute to make her unique." Also she strongly believes the real beauty is from “Inside out”.

One of her blog post “This is what I believe in..” touched me deeply.

The key to honest love is respect.
The foundation to true affection for someone is respect.
The necessary condition for true friendship is respect and regard.
To truly like someone else you must first respect the person.
To truly like yourself you must first of all respect yourself. This is the First Law of Mental Health. It is because of this law that it is so important to live a life of principle, to live according to the highest that lies within you. To achieve respect one must merit respect. There is no other way. You cannot fake it, because people can see right through you. You are more transparent than you think.
To respect yourself you must merit it. You cannot fool yourself. You must be what you know you should be.
There is no other way.

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