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"Releasing method" by Lester Levenson caught my attention.
So I research by googling. In spite of seeing "The law of attraction" like quality out there, bellow is so far the essence of his method in order "Freeing the heart" by my judgement.

Excerpt from "An Introduction to the Larry Crane Tradition:"


Lester realized "Almost forty years ago with my back to the wall and with only three months to live, I was forced to search for the answers to life. I decided to ask myself what it is we all want, and the answer came to me. We all want to be happy!"


What happens when we desire something? What is happening when we want a sense experience, or to possess an object, such as a house?

First, to want something means we feel we don't have it. We may feel empty, lonely, lacking, or deprived, and we believe if we possessed that object, or had that experience, we'd feel filled up and we would be happy. So behind all desiring and seeking, is 1) a motivation to be happy, and 2) a belief that happiness lies in the desire's fulfillment.

On the contrary. Desire is the *problem*. Being in a state of desire is suffering; wanting, lacking, hurting, and looking to a future time when we will have the desire fulfilled and be happy.

If we had no desire, we would be happy *already*, not happy in the future after attaining some experience. You *cannot* be satisfied in the future; you can only be satisfied *now*. You may have been satisfied in the past, but that memory does not satisfy *now*.

As long as we are in now (and there is only the now), desiring an object or experience in order to make us happy, then our continuous, present experience will be of the pain of *wanting*, and of delaying satisfaction or happiness until attaining something in the future.

What is normally taken as human happiness, is to get something we want, so that the wanting, empty feeling goes away, and we feel happy for a moment-until the next desire arises.

But this ordinary, human-style happiness does not come from attaining the object, it comes from no longer desiring something. When we no longer desire, we no longer look outside ourselves for something. When we no longer desire, we no longer look outside ourselves for completion, and we discover we are complete already. The sense of completion, or fulfillment, is always ours already, as we would discover, if only we stop desiring.


He discovered there are four basic desires under emotions.Thus the key is dig deeper to find the primal cause of basic desire behind emotions and letting go.

Desire for security/survival
Desire for approval
Desire for control
Desire for being different


Excerpt from "Releasing Desire Using the Sedona Method - Lester Levenson Student Writes..."

I remember that I had a question about wanting change. I somehow didn't see how this tied in with wanting control at the time. So what did I do? I let go of figuring it out. One day, on an early morning, I was walking across a train station when the answer popped into my mind. It was a very clear and straightforward answer: “Wanting change is a form of wanting control.”

This made sense immediately, and a shift took place inside of me. From that moment on, I was able to catch wanting change in my awareness easily and let it go.

Another big insight I had on wanting came to my awareness when I was taking a look at all the wants: wanting approval, control, security, separation and oneness. It dawned on me that these were all just forms of wanting! That wasn't an intellectual understanding, but an understanding that took place on a core being level.

Lester understood this as well and talked about it in his recordings:

“The way to infinite joy is through the elimination of desire.”
“Drop one thing and you're free; drop desire.”

How can you practically apply this wisdom in your releasing journey? See that all of these wants that we have, are all rooted in wanting. Wanting this, not wanting that, not wanting to experience that (resistance)...they all come from wanting, desire. It is the root of all the wants; and
if you knock out the root of all the wants, there are no wants left. No more wanting approval, control, security, separation and oneness!

Once you see that, you can release directly on desire itself; because desire is nothing else but the experience of lack.
Imagine having no more lack in your life. How much more freedom would you have realized by then?

So if you are ready to go deeper into your releasing journey, release on desire directly. It is possible to bring up the root of all of your underlying wants immediately, and that is to address desire (or wanting; they're both the same thing) directly and to drop it.

In short: Could you let go of all wanting/desire? Would you? When?

Or when you are working on your issue (with a Sedona Method process), ask yourself: “Could I completely let go of all the underlying wants of this issue? Would I? When?” instead of using the normal wanting approval, control or security questions. It's very powerful, and I highly recommend it.

I know that sounds very basic and simple, but it is very powerful. Since desire is the only thing that is holding us back from going free, it makes sense to release on it directly.

“Time used in releasing meditation and selfless service is the most useful time. It leads to joy infinite” - Lester Levenson, from “The Ultimate Truth”

Keep it simple; release desire and be free. That is what Lester did, and that is what we all can do.


This helped me to understand why "Money and human relationship" are challenging issues.
Roshi Joan Halifax said “Buddhist about the relationship” in the podcast "Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness Part 1 of 7"
globaloneness”I love the name of this project.
“Awakened Relationship” Simple ,profound name to show the goal and path.
Although,I still not dig deeper to see Cult within myself and in others.
Let's keep questioning "what means living?"
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