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Living American Life

Nowadays, I'm obsessed with reading topics like 'Mortgage', 'Foreclosure' on news papers.You can reader digest by reading 'The Mortgage Morass' written by Paul Krugman who is popular columnist on New York Times.

Because I, myself went through American experience: Unemployment like 'For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again'on New York Times, Home mortgage modification like 'One Man's HAMP HELL: 'Just Wait This Thing Out ' on The Huffington Post. Now I finally can say I went through snow storm of American life as the past sentence.

When President Obama was elected, I felt so close to my heart because my sons’ father also came from Africa, and mixed race as well. the first African-American president of the United States is significant as the role model, mentor for my son.(But he want to become a plumber like Super Mario.)
' Without Young People, Barack Obama Might Still Be a Senator ' written by Russell Simons on The Huffington Post capture the essence of symbolic message of 'Hope'.

When 9/11 happened, I was working in the office at Midtown, New York and my partner at that time was on his way to commute to the Downtown office which located at next building to World Trade Center. I also had family concern because the discrimination as black race was enough and added discrimination as Muslim???

About 10years ago ,after giving up spiritual path,I came to New York to achieve American dream:ITjob, green card, get married, have family and home.(Not only achieved, I went through downhill as well.)
Although I’m not American, I feel strongly to say I had deeply experienced American life.
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