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Nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster

By the popularity of  blogs and social networking,you and me can become the stylists ,designers and fashion models nowadays. So I attempt to post self-produced fashion blog with philosophical twist,so called self -produced artist.

Master in the art form seems skin deep in Japanese culture,like tea ceremony,flower arrangement and calligraphy.
Nail art is also amazing in Japan.Go and check the website like CO CO Nail, sha-nail.

From Co Co Nail
Also women  can benefit by able to see pretty nails more often  than  see their faces on the mirror.
Yet, I hesitate to  show off my nails as my fashion statement because of  my age.

Do you know you are aging hipster ?
Check out  the blog post Laments of an Aging Hipster  by tylerjanuary.

You know you are an aging hipster when you roll out of bed with messy hair and last-night's makeup and look like a hot mess, instead of just hot.

You know you are an aging hipster when you kiss your dog and cats more than you kiss strangers (which is actually no strangers at all because you are married).
You know you are an aging hipster when you continue to affectionately refer to yourself as, "Such an Old Lady!" but more and more no one seems to laugh at the absurdity, they just agree.

I might sooth myself by telling myself like Wayne Dyer,
"Spirituality in midlife, the midlife transition is a move from ambition to meaning."

Or ,it might be more realistic observation about aging on the blog post The incredible shrinking man

I've revealed many personal details here, but the other day I discovered something I didn't much want to share. I am shrinking. During a routine test of my bone density, a nurse backed me up against a wall and used a built-in device to measure me.


"Five feet, five and a half inches," she said. If this was true, I had lost two and a half inches.
Whatever it was, this was a sign of mortality.
Apparently aging is programmed into our cells. You've read the articles. If the aging process could be arrested, we'd theoretically live longer--assuming we stayed in good health.


Nevertheless, today I am a shorter man. I am dealing with this by following the Kubler-Ross model:

1. Denial. I wasn't standing up straight. Besides, my surgery changed my posture. Also, the nurse was shorter than I am, so how could she see the markings behind me?
2. Anger. Damn it, I've been through enough. Now I've been on a healthy controlled diet for five years and my blood numbers are better than ideal, so why do I need more problems?
3. Bargaining. I'll take up yoga and buy a shoulder brace. I'll have Chaz measure me with a pencil mark up against the wall.
4. Depression. My decrepitude is gaining on me. I'll be 69 at the end of the week. That's almost 70. I can't even comprehend being this old. This is the last straw. Before long I'll be looking Danny DeVito in the eyes.

5. Acceptance. Hey, there's nothing I can do about it. It's a fact. I stand five feet, five and a half inches tall. Case closed. Look on the bright side. I've wasted the last three days trying to figure out something to say about Alpha Male Disease and its female counterparts, Obsessive Shopping and Shoplifting. I kept getting stuck on the appalling banality and shabbiness of Weiner's behavior. Nobody needs to be told more about that. Maybe I can get a column out of my shrinking. I know! I'll find that movie poster. And then, in the comments, readers will tell me that it's better to shrink than to send random women on Facebook cell phone photos of my body.
Especially the way it looks now.

 Anyway,I decide to post my picture with new color gel nail by French Nail.
Nail technique in Japan and Korea are superb.If you live in Central NJ,I highly  recommend it.

From http://www.alllacqueredup.com

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

 Recently, I hurt my left knee by shuffle dancing with kids in front of TV.
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