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K-darama 's worldview

K-drama(Korean Soap Opera)'s worldview:
I find excellent article A Radical Narrative Disguised as a K-Drama: “Coffee Prince,” Gender, and Sexuality
to capture the essence of K-drama from blog "Occupied Territories".
 Bellow is the  excerpt:
  •  K-drama’s treat love as so rapturous and all-consuming that, despite the fact that they minimize the visibility of sex and emphasize the relatively greater importance of romance.
  •  The best moments in K-dramas come when the horizontal and vertical dimensions are aligned to serve one unified purpose. The vertical asides whip up a frenzy of emotions, create tension, and reveal new, tender dimensions of the central couple’s relationship, amplifying the urge we have for the horizontal plot to develop and come to its fated conclusion.
  •  K-dramas depict love as an overwhelming totality so ecstatic that it transcends just about everything and approaches the realm of the metaphysical. To put conditions on this love—and once the romance plot is initiated, not even sexual preference can keep the couple apart—is anathema to the worldview embodied by the K-drama

And  bellow is my summary of K-drama's famous plot.

  •  K-drama 's Love make Man to be Crazy Stalker
(Secret Garden)
  • K-drama's famous Shower scenes 
I watch Korean Dramas for the quality story lines…
(via: Z-star:tumbler.com)
  •  K-drama's famous Car-U turn
(Scent of Woman)
  •  K-drama's Vertical Love
Commoner girl is yearning for unattainable love to picture perfect 

(You're beautiful)

  • K-drama's famous Cutie
(Scent of Woman  )
  •   K-drama's Cinderella  
Have it all love rival,step sister and parents in law 
  • K-drama's Paradigm shift 
 Rich vs.Poor,Men vs. Women,Maturing "putting yourself in other's shoes"  
Sometime absolutely ridiculous ,foolish and unrealistic things occur  
  • K-drama's Power Shift in Relationships
  Narcissistic,arrogant and sadistic male who has traumatic past become vulnerable boy
 by low self esteem  girl who glow her confidence
(Nodame Cantabile-Japanese drama)
  •   K-drama's Marriage view
 Shift from mergers and acquisitions(contract between families generally of the same
 social strata and which become larger and more powerful) to for the sake of love

(Secret Garden)

  • K-drama's  Karmic story ending 
Karmic connection in childhood or past life 
(Rooftop Prince )

PS:Off cause It's not K-drama without K-pop,dance,fashion  and Samsung Cellphone.   
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