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Is there way that Self-Realization and Law of Attraction coming together?

I ‘m attracted the message from “Law of Attraction”
“Each of everyone is the creator of  any shape of their life through thought & feeling
The purpose of life is just ‘Freedom” ,“Joy” and “Growth”
There is no”have to do “nor”should be done”,just enjoy the creation of “becoming” with sheer enjoyment."

rather than  the approach like
“This life is the lesson to learn from past life karma”
“God is the ultimate existence of power and we are powerless”
“We are born with our own destiny”
In which I  feel some restriction,limitation in the relationship with life.

Majority of so called spiritual people support the concept.
(Except from blog "The Dream Awakened" "Self-Realization vs.Law of Attraction"by Sheilan)

and this nature of ego"Demand & "Control" relationship with life is the cause of suffering which is ironically,contradiction of the genuine intention of "Want to be happy".

and the last punch on my face is that 
Self-Realized being, the ego and its desires and attachments have been diminished, so only True Self is seen.  A sage lives in mental stillness and does not have unconscious thoughts nor give much power to thoughts… there is harmony with their thoughts.  The sage does not have goals or desires towards success.  The drive to become somebody special is not there for it is understood they already are Source or Oneness, which is supreme.
(Except from blog "The Dream Awakened" "Self-Realization vs.Law of Attraction"by Sheilan)

Which left me the feeling of “Impossible  to waking up”and worthless of my existence.

Adyashanti wrote in his book Falling into Grace

“The older we get,the more dense the sense of a separate self gets.Our sense of self becomes more and more contracted,and more and more solidified and ,in a sense ,real.And the more real it feels,the more we feel that it needs to be protected,that it needs to get its way.The more real our sense of separateness feels,the more we’ll feel an equal desire to control our environment and to control others so that we make sure we get what we want.”

Yet I’m human and I want to live life with big “Yes” which include imperfection ,suffering,shadow and embrace  this human nature of “EGO”,human nature of desire to actualize the dream in the life.

Adyashanti  also wrote in his book Falling into Grace

“The nature of life is uncertain and changing,not subject to our own needs for predictability and control,we can’t imagine how we could live from this deep space of awareness”
“Our mind can’t imagine living life in a way that is this open and groundless”
“There is a way that this field of being can actually manifest as action,as doing”
 and I’m really attracted his invitation of living life from this deep space of awareness.

Why not live from this deep space of awareness now in spite of carry on my imperfection,big ego,desires, attachments,deep desire of being special and strive to protect self image?

Is there any hope & motivation for the person like me fill the gap between me & sages in teams of living life from this deep space of awareness?

Those are the questions I have,want to find answers.

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