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Ugly Duckling & Haunted Ghost

With financial worry,I woke up with anxiety and negative thought this morning.
My initial response with this unpleasant feeling was fight against so that  negative thought  won't affect to my subconscious to manifest.
But you know it's too early to fight against,so I just let it be there like in the meditation while laying down  on the bed.
Then those negative feelings which feel like as if haunted ghosts sticking with me like chewing gum have been evaporated.

I used to think that you have to wash your soul until it become white as bright  as possible by battle against those haunted ghosts.
But now I think it's more like to open the pandora's box to release those haunted ghosts to be evaporated like bubble.

  Beatles's song "All You Need Is Love" in my head.

 and Ugly Duckling story pop in my mind all of sudden.
Because we are like Ugly Duckling who suffer and abuse ourselves "If I fit myself image ,I'm happy".
And the truth is we are already  beautiful swan anyway.

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