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Simplify color palette in detail at home

In bathroom,
I choose fewer color palettes.Towels,bath mats and shower curtain are all white & beige.
Metal color are all silvers in details.
Take off bottle labels of daily skin care products in medicine cabinet.
Hide stuffs in vanity drawers to empty the counter as possible as I can.

From Better Homes

Use clear ,same size bottles for shampoo,conditioner at shower caddy.

From Muji

In closets,I realized even same design  hangers have slight differences such as wood color tone are different or metal part is silver or gold.So I collect all hangers,categorize  and reorganize for each closet in house.

I got inspiration from this photo on the web in order simplify color palette of book shelf.

from Richmondville Avenue-Millton Development

I cover all books with  craft papers and hand written book title and cover shelf bins by inserting  black paper. 

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