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Home is where my heart is

My deepest desire is

being unlimited free ,same time being peace & stable deep in my heart.

How to ?

Be aware  what kind of world I'm creating in each moment.

If I choose to be the victim ,I create and live such world.
I'm the movie director of so called life.I cast the people and write the script and direct movie called unhappy,victim life.I wondered why I got here and forgot about I'm the creator of this nightmare.

Good news is since I create this horror movie,I can rescript,redirect the movie.

The perfect movie where I live in the world where  all is love,all is perfect,all is abundance.

Nothing changes,just I become aware all is love,all is perfect,all is abundance.

Even,I don't need to script,direct movie.

This film,so called life is auto pilot,easy rider.

Heart 3099942746493401768

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