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Shanghai Typhoon 上海タイフーン 

I encountered a Taiwanese actor -although his nationality is American "Peter Ho "(He Run Dong) who was on Japanese media NHK TV drama "Shanghai Typhoon" last September on-screen.
He was born in USA and grew up in North America, can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese. He can act in a western way and an eastern way swinging between the two cultures so naturally and gracefully.

His impact was like dynamite to me because he awakened my future vision of global asian and the mission to make it happen .
As this blog is the start point, I would like to create the trendsetting and networks of new modern asian culture, which is integrating western and eastern culture, evolved, sophisticated and global in Japanese and English and eventually in Chinese as well.
I put aim and aspirations extremely high. In reality, I would blog about the daily life of a just ordinary, slightly geek salary woman commuting from New Jersey to New York. This is the beginning of the long run marathon, far away from completion of my vision.
Blow myself up as the new year resolution, or achieve the vision as a reality????
I really start from zero, like the beginnings of a masterpiece on a white canvas, what shall I start to begin with????
Let's start off by mimicking other blogs which is typical Japanese expertise.


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  1. 全てのはじまり・・・がコレでしたね。
    100歳まで。YES!YOU CAN!!


  2. そう、これが全ての妄想のはじまり。でも「ピーターは爆発だ」は実体験。岡本太郎の気持ちが理解できた瞬間でした。ハイ、「元気なババアになってやる」というのが人生目標です。



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