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I find an outrageous remix of the original song is called 'Ito' (糸) by Japanese singer Nakajima Miyuki (中島 みゆき) with 2pac,Jay Z,DMX on YouTube.

In East Asia,There is the idea of an invisible red thread that joins those who are destined to meet - nothing - time nor circumstance - can separate them.It is like 'western' idea of 'soul mates'. The song paints the picture of two pieces of thread, one vertical, one horizontal, being woven into a piece of tapestry which is the one that is woven for a purpose,can heal hurts,keep others warm and safe and heading in the direction of love and healing.
Here are the words to the song, both in English and in Japanese:

We can never know for certain why or when our paths will cross...
Where did you go?
Did you even exist?
Two tales under a distant sky...
You are one thread, I am the other,
Woven together, possibly to someday warm another's heart.
Why did you disappear?
The day I hesitated left a splinter.
Running after our dreams -
The day we followed them,
it left a splinter.
What will become of this thread?
Hearts left trembling in the wind...
One thread is you, the other is me...
Our being woven together may protect someone from hurt.
One thread is you, the other is me...
When two threads that are destined to meet are joined,
We call that happiness.

なぜ めぐり逢うのかを 私たちは何も知らない
いつめぐり逢うのかを 私たちはいつも知らない
縦の糸はあなた 横の糸はわたし
織り成す糸はいつか誰かを 暖めうるかもしれない
なぜ生きていくのかを 悩んだ日の跡のささくれ
夢追いかけ走って ころんだ日の跡のささくれ
こんな糸がなんになるの 心もとなくて震えてた雨の中
縦の糸はあなた 横の糸はわたし
織り成す糸はいつか誰かの 傷をかばうかもしれない
縦の糸はあなた 横の糸はわたし
逢うべき糸に出逢えることを 人は仕合わせと呼びます

(解釈引用:「仕合わせ」とは国語の辞書によりますと、「運命の巡り合わせ」という意味なのだそうです。そしていわゆる「幸せ」という言葉とは基本的に意味が異なりますが、みゆきさんはこの2つの言葉を上手に「繋い」でこの 「糸」という曲をお書きになったのだと・その深い歌詞の意味を感じ取りました。)
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