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Pass on Dream or Fantasy

ANG LEE said "CROUCHING TIGER,HIDDEN DRAGON is a kind of dream of China,a China that probably never exist,except in my boyhood fantasies in Taiwan."
I love this movie and this is my fantasy to pass on Global Asian dream to my child or am I a Tiger Mom?
Recently, I start taking my son to Xin Yi Martial Arts School's beginner class in my neighborhood;Edison ,New Jersey.I choose Chinese Martial Arts,not Japanese(Judo,Karate and Aikido) as passing on my own heritage nor Korean(Taekwondo)because of my fantasy of Kung Fu movie.

This Master Yang's martial art school held Chinese New Year Demonstration.
Wow!students movement are so speedy and so exciting to watch on live!

May be...I, as a parent, pumped up to push my kid to try harder than his own interest? Actually, most of the students practice as family together like "Everyone was Kung Fu fighting." describe and I didn't forget to take pictures of my friend's performance as well;)

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