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Blade Runner again

When I saw the article “ I’m Homeless and This Is Why I Have an iPad” on gizmode.com, The homeless with iPad image hunted in my deep psyche and at that time, I read “Goggle’s earth” by William Gibson on New York times, the opinion page.

Time passed.....then my mind blow up by really fascinating Japanese blog article ”Tokio” on 町田の独り言 today.

In his article, he describe that the future city in “Blade Runner” is squalid, insanitary, and advanced technology mingled with Asian chaos.. all mixed up together and very mysterious big city.
You can see the strange skyscraper buildings stood which look like the shrine of ancient civilization, furthermore the upper class people are the highest floor, and are living a life like an ancient monarch.

▲Room for Upper society

But people who live in the lower layer of the building wear clothes look like homeless and wondering ,crossing the street where acid rain is pouring.All illuminations of buildings have sprinkled the poisonous-looking colors while the image of the Japanese Geisha is singing like chanting spell to  advertise "WAKAMOTO" on one of the electric signboard.
Design of perverted and dystopian vision of the future city blow one's mind.

▲ "Geisha girl " sings on a strange video billboard.
Bird view of City in "Blade Runner" is artificial like an amusement park which include a lot of gimmicks, closed with heavy fog of acid rain, and sometimes a flame came out from the chimney extended from the highest floor of the building blazed up.

▲ Future city Los Angels 2019 in Blade Runner
In his blog ,he is saying what message expressed in the movie and 80's business culture which thoroughly pleasure-seeking , superficial , momentary and somehow surrounded with sadness was that time when "Philosophy", "Culture" respected as the values which support man's inner life was over .Human is not the creature to respond "Philosophy","Culture" anymore, but react to the digital stimulus with which light and sound mingle like a shower.
But in retrospect,he think that 80's is the preparation for the coming age,the new world view which environmental change caused by technology evolution chances human.
City which carried a full load of overly advanced technology is the essence of City.
New world view which transformed the essence of City as from” Life space” to “Play ground” brought after 80’s.
It is as if City evolves into Disneyland.
A big city like Tokyo , Osaka in Japan are at the very first accomplished "Disneyland-zing" cities in the world?
An overseas novelist and movie directors noticed such a thing. For example, William Gibson "Neuromancer" -- novel. Director Quentin Tarantino "Kill Bill", Director Ridley Scott "Black Rain" -- movie. In there,"City in Japan" is exotic, magic-like, sexy, yet, is refined and charming -- in which all charming elements are hodgepodge well and he described as one word ”Japan Cool”.
When I look youth culture nowadays , like "Apple generation"on comic blog "Secret Asian Man" by Tak Toyoshima, it's not Science Fiction anymore,don't you think?

▲ From Secret Asian Man by Tak Toyoshima

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