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Japanese American in NJ

I joined 2012 SEABROOK ROAD TRIP on July 14(sat).
 illuminating trip to the historic Global Village of Seabrook, NJ a rural community that changed the lives and destinies of many Japanese Americans. We will visit local sites and attend Obon dance and drum festivities honoring the spirits of one's ancestors.

Starting in 1944, Seabrook Farms, a frozen vegetable produce plant in rural southern New Jersey provided work and housing for Japanese Americans released from the US concentration camps of World War II. A remarkable Japanese American community of 2,500 joined a multicultural labor force so unique it was featured in LIFE Magazine.
(Excerpt from   Event description · By Donna Tsufura)

I'm not Japanese-American,Japanese who live in New Jersey,US.So I 'm not able to portray the emotional depth of Japanese American's Odyssey.

 Yet I 'm honored to join Bon-odori (traditional folk dance) at Seabrook to express my gratitude to ancestors.Obon is traditional Buddhist festival which takes place throughout Japan around August 15. In Japan, people visit their ancestors' graves, welcome the ancestors' spirits home with food and offerings and then see the spirits off  at  this time. Bon-odori  and other Obon-related activities are also conducted to console and entertain the ancestors' spirits.

Since I live in New Jersey, I join the road trip at first stop 

 Sorbello Girls Farm Market

Road Trip Group at Sorbello Girls

Jersey girl loves Jersey Peach,tomato & Fresh produce
 Rural farmland scenery echo the inner landscape and childhood memories

Seabrook Buddhist Temple

Japanese -American Quilt

"You are one thread, I am the other,
stitch together, possibly to someday warm another's heart."

Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center
 Oral history resonate love,pain and life tapestry of others. 
It's amazing to know Global Village of Seabrook existed in the history.
People lived and worked together with respect and collaboration of diverse race and cultures.

Get the sense of the operations and work environment for the Japanese American community during post-war days.Summer is the busiest time.

  Obon is the time of family reunion.
 I 'm deeply touched by how much parents try the best to provide children in any hardships, circumstance and generation on this trip, think about what I can give to my Japanese-American child ,all future generation ,particularity of Japan after 3 14.

Shishimai (lion dance) bring  the good luck to children

Japanese American Youth Taiko (Japanese Drums) Performance

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